1. What are your classes like?

We offer a variety of workouts, but our base and most popular one is the CompletePHIT. In this workout you will enjoy a 3-station circuit combining boxing/kickboxing bag drills with an indoor boot camp HIIT circuit. This is a 30-minute workout that will use our S4 training method. 

2. What is the S4 training method?

Our approach with our CompletPHIT workout is to give you a full body workout at various levels of exersion. The S4 method (Strength, Strikes, Stamina and Stability) offers a complete workout to challenge you in all areas of fitness in just 30 minutes

3. What age can join? 

Age 13 and above are welcome to be a part of our workouts with adults. Below 13 will only be allowed in our youth classes.

4. How much are memberships? 

We offer a few different membership options. At the end of your free StarterPHIT class or your first full workout, your Coach will explain to the group how memberships work.

5. Do you help with nutrition? 

Yes. All of our memberships and personal fitness packages include a custom built Dietician backed meal plan based on your specific needs and preferences..

6. Will I lose weight in these classes?

Your Coach will be happy to help you tailor your workouts to suit your individual goals. We work as a group, but we can make certain modifications to make sure your workout is done with your goals in mind.

7. Is there a long term contract for memberships. 

No. We do not require any long term contract, however, for most members we do ask that you allow a minimum of three months of consistency to see the most significant results on the front end of your new lifestyle.